© 2018 by Katie Beasley

My artwork is about process through which we exist. Life is forever changing yet always maintaining routine. I work pattern and rhythm into my art to reflect the mundane that we self-consciously face day-to-day. I weave the past into pieces and try to visualize the future. I create life to the forgotten. I manipulate the materials to hide the expected and spark the unseen.

Often my paint is applied as a reaction to an action. I allow chance to guide my marks. However, I am also captivated by tight, well planned strokes sometimes created with graphite. 

I am surrounded by change and my work is always reacting to sudden shifts. I am always trying to push boundaries with my work, not afraid to try something new.



Graphic Design ::
Capable of designing and incorporating a clients vision into reality.

Specialties ::

  • Software :: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress

  • Photography

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